Executive Coaching

Cultural shift, a serious and often necessary piece of change management, is often the root cause for bringing in coaching support. The key reason that any kind of executive coaching support or training is successful, is when the coaching is regular, ongoing, challenging and supportive. There is no quick ‘sticking plaster’ approach to coaching yourself or your leadership team, and impartial executive coaching should be seen a good practice for any executive. Because every individual or company’s needs are different we suggest starting with a conversation with our MD Steve Nicholls.

First 100 Days Coaching

The First 100 Days, also referred to as the First 90 Days, refers to the critical early stages in a new role, particularly at senior level. It’s a time when you have to make a good impression, get a few quick wins under your belt, and absorb the culture, drivers, and personalities of the business. Executives often reflect that they wish they had had an external sounding board, advisor, coach during their first 100 days in a new role. We can support this critical phase of a new role, and can also add this input to a career coaching programme tailored to helping you land your next role.

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