“Since engaging Executive Connexions, I have secured a new and exciting role with a well-regarded global company – a career leap supported with positive action, strong insights into the Hidden Jobs market and a very broad network.

Executive Connexions’ pragmatic and partnership approach, with a balanced understanding of what the job seeker is going through, enabled me to develop a significantly better understanding of the recruitment market and what it takes to succeed in attracting future employers and sustaining ongoing invaluable networks.

This motivational bespoke coaching process brought out the best in me and focussed on areas to improve, plus with positive action, they helped represent me to the Agencies/Headhunter world. Support was direct, encouraging and specific, based on a thorough understanding of my needs, wants and aspirations, building an ongoing partnership rather than a client/service provider relationship.”

Mike Leach, Senior Finance Executive – Germany, now UK


“I’m tempted to say that working with Executive Connexions changed my life … so I will. I would urge anybody to take up the offer for a free and “without obligation” consult.
My coach was a compassionate, patient and skilled listener with immense intuition and a passion for working both with and for you.

Executive Connexions will develop a bespoke programme, working at your speed, and certainly with me have shown super flexibility and understanding. A tremendous asset in your armoury.

Most importantly, and something we sadly overlook quite often, my coach is a genuine and nice guy who really cares about helping you move on to the right path … for you.”

Neal Roberts, International Sales Manager – Germany


“If you want to take your networking skills to the next level, Executive Connexions is your career coaching company. They know the executive job market, understand what it takes to work it and are great teachers.

Steve himself is also a natural people connector — I not only made new professional connections, I made new friends.”

Flavio, Chief Technology Officer – USA

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“Executive Connexions has provided outplacement services for several of our employees. We found the team to be very helpful and adaptable in their approach which they tailored to the changing circumstances facing those leaving the business. They helped all of our employees to focus on the task of finding a new role, and have had a 100% success rate which is very satisfying for everyone.”

Darty PLC, Outplacement Client


“Working with Executive Connexions helped identify the weaknesses and strengths in my approach to the hidden job market. It made me consider what I really wanted to do in my career.

As a result, I’ve been wider in my search, achieving a role outside my usual sector. I recommend Executive Connexions to senior executives who are facing a crossroads in their career path”

Luke Ireland, Managing Director – UK


“It was a major decision to take on a career coach, but one which has changed the direction of my career for the better.

Executive Connexions helps you find what is missing in your current work and together you work to find a path to get to the place where you want to be. My coach had a wide range of experiences; he was easy to connect with and speak to during the journey he took me on.

It’s an ideal partnership for those looking to change to something different or even to keep the same type of work.”

Susan Parker, Vice President – UK


“My career is my biggest asset; the right selection of a career coach was one of my most important decisions, and investment taken with care.

Executive Connexions have been invaluable in providing career coaching to me. Very quickly, my coach was able to understand my career aspirations and my coaching needs. A very relaxed and thought provoking coaching style brings a change.

People around me felt the change in me and I felt the change in myself. I can recommend Executive Connexions to anyone passionate about growing their career to the senior level of leadership.”

Hyder Hasan, Senior Finance Executive – Singapore


“Wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for the insight and tips that have enabled me to formulate a more structured and disciplined approach to my on-line / social media activities. It has built confidence and made me a more all-round and at the same time discerning consumer and contributor. I also think that my channel selection and usage has become more effective.”

Wayne Thomas, Supply Chain & Ops Executive – UK

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“Executive Connexions provided excellent, innovative and speedy career coaching – I gained a new position quickly and at the right salary level. Their expertise was a huge help to me.”